The idea behind the company was to create modern and natural objects inspired by beauty of folk art, specifically traditional craft of weaving and the traditional hand woven fabrics made from organic and raw materials which are both healthy and sustainable.

It is not easy to find working weaver nowadays, but luckily there are still some of them keeping on. We would like to save this heritage of traditional weaving and the beauty of unique, regional patterns, which cannot be conveyed mecanically, they make. 

FOLKA designs and produces colorful and vivid poufs, pillows and accessories. We invent our products with sympathy to the environment, with respect to tradition and enclosure them in functional and modern package. 

Our poufs are upholstered in wool fabric and filled with lamb wool. We use only pure wool and cotton and additions with eco certificates, everything is crafted locally in Poland. The motivation to create Folka's home furniture and accessories was fashion for modern clean and sterile interiors with legion of artificial materials which were gasping for something totally different. We believe that the colorful and joyful poufs and pillows made from cosy, natural fabrics will make a fine addition and balance to modern homes.